Modern Daily Knitting Field Guide No. 19 Marls

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Cecelia Campochiaro is back, and this latest Field Guide promises to be as inspiring as her crowd-pleasing Field Guide No. 5: Sequences. This time, she's exploring the potential and possibilities that open up when we hold two strands of yarn together. It's all about the marls! 

Five designs, five chances to create something beautiful and totally unique! This Field Guide includes patterns for an heirloom throw blanket, a stunning scarf/cowl, fast and fun hats, a showstopping sweater and a swarf (yes, you read that right! It's the knitted take on a dickey!).

Why we love it: The patterns are beautiful, and offer plenty of scope for fun, play and some serious stash diving. But this little book is more than patterns, it's a jumping off point for finding something new and exciting in the stitches you knit.   

Marling is the effect we get when we combine strands of yarn of different fibre, weight, or colour.

These five designs are elegant canvases for your marling explorations:

Striped Marl Hat: Using two shades of 4ply weight yarn gives three different colours in these cute striped hats. We suggest using Socks Yeah! 4ply, and you'll just need one skein in each of your two colours.

Color Explosion Throw: The chance to see what happens when you work with 11 colours and a graphic knit-purl pattern. This is heirloom knitting at its best. The pattern calls for Rowan Felted Tweed, but we also think it would look amazing in J&S Jumper Weight (the resulting blanket would be smaller). The pattern uses 350m [382yds] of each of 11 shades of yarn.

Marlogram Scarf/Cowl: Working marls with slow-shifting gradient yarns makes colors that shift even more. Who knows how they will combine? That’s the fun. The pattern calls for 651m [712yds] each of two colours. Why not try using two Zauberballs for maximum colour-change beauty?

Spectra Sweater: An inventive construction leads to a pullover with a lot of style, and marls that behave beautifully together.

Swarf: Think of it as a sweater without those pesky sleeves and back part. We’re making it our mission to bring back the dickie, a quick accessory that gives a jacket extra warmth and instant pizzazz. Socks Yeah! 4ply would work really well in this design, and you'll need one skein each of five different colours.

Modern Daily Knitting Field Guides are little books that explore the big world of knitting, with patterns and stories to inspire the curious knitter.

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Editor/Creative Director: Melanie Falick
Graphic Designer: Will Brady
Photographer: Elysa Weitala
Photostylist: Alessandra Mortola
Technical Editor: Sue McCain

Images are © Elysa Weitala.

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