The image shows rolls of washi tape. There are two designs; one features half green and half bright pink in the shape of a snakeshead fritillary knitted fabric; the other design is a geometric shape in shades of pink. There are 5 rolls of each stacked at the centre, and then surrounding them are strips of unrolled tape in each of the two designs.

Knitsonik Washi Tape

  • £6.00

Whether you use a Strickplaner or not, rolls of knitting-themed washi tape are the stationery bundle of joy you didn't know you needed! Perfect for embellishing knitted gifts, knitted correspondence or postcards; they can also be used for for indexing the pages in the notebooks, your Strickplaner or other bullet journals in which you manage your knitting projects. 

This product consists of a pair of rolls of adhesive paper washi tape each printed with an original Knitsonik stranded colourwork motif from the projects in Felicity (Felix) Ford's marvellous Knitsonik Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook and the Knitsonik Stranded Colourwork Playbook. Each of the tapes has been printed to look like miniaturised knitted fabric.

Designs include

  • Deco Factory from Deco Swatch
  • Snakeshead Fritillary from Efflorescent: Snakeshead Fritillary Edition

Each roll is 15mm x 10m. The paper is made from grain shell and corn bran and features a non-toxic adhesive.

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