Walcot Wires

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Blocking is the magical process that transforms our rumpled, recently cast-off projects into fully fledged, wow-can-you-believe-I-made-this Finished Objects.

Blocking wires are a fantastic bit of knitting kit that can make blocking a whole lot easier. Use them to block a crescent shawl, get a perfectly straight edge on a scarf or a garment piece, achieve wonderfully even points on a lace shawl ... the list goes on!

We've tried out a fair few blocking wires in our time, and are smitten with these super flexible ones by Walcot Wires. Why? They're mega bendy, won't kink up, and can be stored away tidily in their wee zippered pouch. Because, let's be honest, we don't want our knitting kit to be taking up valuable yarn storage real estate!   

Walcot Wires Blocking Tool is made from rust-free, flexible memory wire. Each set contains 3 x 100cm wires and 4 x 175cm wires along with 30 stainless steel T-pins for blocking countless combinations of knits. These modern blocking wires coil up neatly in a zippered pouch when not in use making storage easy.

Want help getting going with your new wiry friends? The April project from Confident Knitting, the Evolve Cowl by Hunter Hammersen, focuses on excellent blocking and is a great project for breaking in your blocking wires! And check out Something New To Learn About Lace for lots of tips on blocking shawls with wires. 

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