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Strickplaner is a "timeless" planner with lots of pages for projects and notes, but without a dated planner, so you can use and keep yours for many years! Small enough to carry everywhere, useful and totally independent of Wi-Fi or electricity.

Do you have more than one project on the go at a time? This little book will help you to keep track of everything! Have you completed the increases on the sleeves? Which project has your 2.5mm needles in it? The Strickplaner will help you to keep your place, as well as storing all the useful information you need for gift knitting, using your stash and converting between metric and imperial measurements.

From choosing yarn to organising projects and notes, and sketching ideas for a new design, it really is a treasure trove of useful planning tools. There are timelines to plan you projects over the year. There are useful sections where you can jot your ideas down for future projects and write down the details when you cast on. Imperial and metric units are both included along with yarn weights and types of fibre. There are lots of pages for lists, notes and sketches, complete with indexes to make sure no idea is lost.

Technical information

224 pages

Length / Width / Height
18.5 cm / 12.5 cm  / 1.6 cm

Paper Measurements:
Length / Width 
18 cm / 12 cm 

Weight: 272 g 
2 x bookmarks in red and grey
1 x elastic closure (red)

Overview and info: 5 pages
Knitting Plans: 2 pages
Timelines: 8 pages
Yarn purchases: 8 pages
Wish Lists: 4 pages
Events & Media: 4 pages
Sizes and Measurements: 6 pages
Ideas: 10 pages
Index projects: 4 pages
Projects: 58 pages
Index lists and notes: 5 pages
Lists: 29 pages
Notes squared: 24 pages
Notes dot grid: 26 pages
Notes blank: 27 pages
Scratch page

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